Tips on How to Inspect Plumbing Before Purchasing a New Home

Buying a home is a lifetime achievement for many people. It is also the largest investment that many individuals make perhaps in their entire lives. With that in mind, you should always ensure that the house you acquire is safe and stable.

To ensure this, you should require the help of a professional to examine your home exhaustively before you decide to buy.

home-for-saleA thorough inspection should include the plumbing of your potential home. I recommend that you hire a good plumber from a reputable company to do the inspection.

A professional always knows what to look for when conducting the examination. This is because they are always familiar with the frequent problems that are commonly found in homes. Sometimes people do their own inspection.

However, there is a high likelihood of not being accurate compared to a professional.

The housing market has had many buyers that often rush to buy properties only to later be left with hefty repair bills. A survey that was conducted by an insurance company revealed that many home buyers are spending thousands of dollars in repairs after buying homes.

The biggest cases that have been reported by buyers are related to plumbing issues. Countless homeowners reported dampness and rot as the main reasons that they had to spend a ton of cash after the purchasing of a new home.

The problems that are common with new homes are typically not visible and require a keen eye to spot them. Most sellers will not disclose any defects with the homes they are selling because they want to sell effortlessly.

A seller will always use tactics to ensure you purchase the home as quickly as possible. Most people that have reported defects after buying a house said that they were pressured to buy immediately or risk losing their offer. You should always seek the opinion of a professional before deciding to buy the house.

There are a few plumbing issues that you can check by yourself or with the help of a trusted plumbing technician such as;

Inspecting the House for Lead

Homes especially the old ones are likely to have lead pipes. You cannot live in a house that has lead as it is toxic and dangerous particularly to children. You should always avoid this type of pipe in your home. If the house you plan to buy has lead pipes, you can either choose not to buy or have the seller pay for the pipes to be replaced.

Location of the Valve

chekcing your outdoor faucetIt is important that you know the place where water can be shut off from. If it is not working properly, have it replaced before you pay for the home. A good and working valve is necessary.

In the case of an emergency, you will be able to shut down the pipes to avoid water damaging your property.

Typically, the valve is located close to the water meter or at the point that the water line enters the home. After you have found the valve make sure it is in good working condition. Shut it down and turn on the taps in the house and see if there is any water that will come out. If you do not find any, then the valve is working as it should be.

Inspect the Water Heater

Inspect the water heater to be sure it is in good condition. If it appears to be corroded, or it is leaking, it needs repair. If the water heater is old and not capable of supplying water to all the members of a family, then it needs to be replaced. The seller of the house should be the one to pay the whole cost.

It is important to inspect the tank to ensure it does not have mineral deposits or any other materials.

checking-a-water-heaterIt is also important to enquire about the water heater, whether it is a rental or whether the previous owner paid for it in full.

Inspect the Waste/Sewage

A faulty sewage can be unbearable as it smells and is also a costly problem. It is important before you buy a home to make sure that the sewage system is correctly installed in the house.

If the house that you are planning to buy uses a septic tank find out what size it is, and it's location. You should also make it a priority to find out when the septic tank was last emptied or serviced. The areas around the tank and the lines should not have any seepage, leaks or bad smells. If any of these is present, have the owner fix it before you pay for the property.

Septic tanks are costly to repair and pose dangers to your health and everyone else around.

Leaky Pipes

Fixtures and Leaky pipes can be assumed to be a minor issue but at times are usually an indication of a larger problem. Inspect the leaks and check the faucets, look under the sink, and inspect any exposed pipes that you find.

Check the basement and any crawl space in the house and ensure that there are no leaking joints or pipes. Check the toilets too and ensure the floor is not wet and it is flushing properly, emptying properly and filling up again correctly.

Inspect the Laundry Machine Hookups

You should check the washing machine intake hose and the drain hose to see what is the condition. They should be firm, and water should not be dripping. The faucet should not be rusted, and the machine location should work with any changes that you plan to add. Fix any problem that you will notice before you decide to move into the house.

Many people have reported cases of their houses flooded just a few weeks after they had purchased their dream home due to plumbing problems. It is important that you inspect your home before you decide to move in. This is the best way to avoid extra costs as a result of faulty plumbing.

After purchasing a new home, it is crucial to seek the help of a professional plumber.

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