Boonton Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

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Gas Line Repair Installation Services in North Jersey and Boonton, NJ

Having access to gas for fuel for heat, cooking and comfort in your home are a great advantage. However, working with gas lines is difficult work that can be potentially dangerous if you don’t have highly trained, certified contractors who consistently pay attention to detail.

At K. Hoeler Plumbing & Heating we have some of the best technicians in Northern New Jersey, and we are ready to share our know-how with you. Whether you are looking to install a gas line, need repairs or need assistance and reassurance with gas leak detection, we’re the smart choice.

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Gas Leak Detection

One of the services we offer is gas leak detection, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and technology. We know how much you care about your family’s well-being, and so do we. Gas leaks do occur over time, they can pose a danger to your family- and possibly to neighbors as well. A gas leak in an enclosed area can prompt an explosion, which could be devastating.

How do I Know if I Have a Leak?

The minute you suspect that you have a leak, you need to call in professional help and get out of your home or office right away. Your nose will give you the first clues with a rotten egg or petroleum-type smell. You may also notice discoloration of areas of your lawn or plants. You may also hear a hissing noise near the affected line.

In addition to having fine technical skills, our contractors are great diagnosticians too. We’ll detect and assess the leak and then repair or replace as required.

Gas Line Installation

Gas is not just more energy efficient; it provides a more reliable power source than electric power. For instance, in a power outage, you can keep on cooking with gas. There is no denying the comfort, warmth, and convenience of being able to flip a switch to turn on a gas fireplace when the mood strikes you. And don’t forget how amazing it is to have an endless supply of fuel when you are BBQing. No running out of propane mid-way through grilling your steak.

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