Are You Having Problems With Unfiltered Water?

Most homes don’t have a filtration system for their water but may have a refrigerator that has filtered water, or they may get filtered water from other sources. Many tend to buy bottled water, and the problem is that the cost can rack up very quickly when bottled water is constantly purchase.

Unfiltered water in your Boonton home is best for washing, bathing, and cleaning purposes, but not all water is fit to drink, such as the water that comes from the pipes in the homes of those that live in California. The crisis in Flint has done little to appease those of us here on the East Coast. Many people choose to buy bottled water without realizing how much they could save if they switched to a home filtration system.

Since water can still be unclean, even if it’s filtered by your county, it’s best to get your water is clean as possible by choosing to receive water filter installation.

Water Filtration ServicesThere Are Many Benefits If You Filter Your Water...

Filtering your water has an incredible amount of benefits, but here are 10 great benefits to consider.

Remove metals from water.

Remove pesticides from water.

The water tastes great.

Bottle water from the tap, instead of buying it bottled.

Water is always clean as long as filter is good.

Clean water helps clean clothes better.

Save $1000 or more on water delivery.

Save the environment from wasted plastic bottles.

No need for a separate drinking water filtration unit.

The water is safe for everyone to drink, including infants.

Detriments to Your Health

#1- Many don’t realize that there are metals in their water, including magnesium, copper, and other minerals. Using a filtration system can get rid of these metals, which can cause harm to your health and the health of everyone else in the home.

#2- Some people, depending on where they live in how they get their water, may have a threat of pesticides in their water, and a good filtration system should be able to clear these out of their water. Filtration systems can clean a lot of things out of the water that can be harmful to anyone who drinks it, so filtration systems are always the best choice for those who want the cleanest water.

#3- Those who complain of bad tasting water or water that has a funny taste may not be buying bottled water but getting it directly from their faucet. Those who have an advanced filtration system for their home can get great tasting water that will promote them to drink more water as they should. If the water is filtered and extremely clean, it gives it a better taste than regular tap water, so you’ll always have good tasting water, no matter where in your home you choose to fill up a water bottle.

Financial Benefits

#4- Speaking of filling up a water bottle, having your own filtration system means you don’t have to buy the bottles of water anymore that only sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. You can easily reuse your own water bottles and fill them up as necessary because you’ll have great tasting water that you can always count on from your faucet.

#5- As long as a clean filter is in the filtration system, then it’s possible to get very clean water in the home from any faucet, even coming through the washer. You never have to worry about the water being clean, and you can drink water from any faucet in the home.

#6- Having filtered water can help to clean clothes even better because it’s not filled with harmful chemicals, especially chlorine, which can fade and damage certain clothes. Those that love to take care of their clothes but hate to go to a dry cleaner and pay the extra fee can now wash their clothes at home if possible, and they’ll have clean filtered water to wash their clothes with all the time.

#7- Anyone who has water constantly delivered to their home is easily paying $1,000 or more a year for the delivery. Even though the water seems to be at a good price, it’s even cheaper if you get it through your own water filtration system. Instead of spending several dollars for a five-gallon jug of water, imagine spending less than a dollar or even half of that to get the same five gallons at home?

#8- Everyone knows that plastic can take forever to degrade, so the less plastic bottles that are thrown away, the better it is for the environment. Having a filtration system at home means that you will no longer contribute to the use of plastic bottles, which are thrown away, and you can be proud to say that you’re helping the environment.

Convenience for You and Your Family

#9- Many have a refrigerator with a filtration system, so they can always have clean water to drink. Some will even buy a plastic container that has a filter attached to it to allow them always to have clean drinking water. It’s much easier and faster to fill up water directly from the faucet, but if the water isn’t clean enough, then it needs to be filtered. Having a home filtration system installed means that you can fill up water each time you need it and always know that it’s going to be clean and great tasting.Boonton, NJ Water Filtration System INstallation

#10- Having clean and filtered water from the home means that everyone can drink it safely, including babies and infants. Mothers that used to buy bottled water or water by the gallon for their child can easily get it directly from the faucet and know that it’s pure enough for their baby.

Get Your Water Filtered Now

If you’re tired of having bad tasting water, fading clothes, spotty dishes, and water that flows like chlorine, then it’s time to get your Boonton water filtration system. Having clean water is something that everyone wants, and your plumber can help you get it by installing the system for you.

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